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About Apollo

Apollo.io is a platform that provides sales and marketing solutions for businesses. It offers tools and services to help companies find and engage with potential customers, generate leads, and accelerate sales processes. Some of the features of Apollo.io include data enrichment, prospecting, email tracking, and CRM integration.

The platform utilizes data from various sources to provide insights and help businesses target their outreach efforts more effectively. It can be particularly useful for sales and marketing teams looking to streamline their processes and improve their overall efficiency in acquiring and nurturing leads.

Overall, Apollo.io aims to help businesses increase their sales and grow their customer base by providing them with the tools and data they need to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

Why Apollo

Leverage Apollo’s demographic, firmographic, and behavioral data alongside your first-party CRM data.

Filter by score and see how our living database of leads stacks up against your customer fit criteria.

Full score transparency enables your team to prioritize effectively and take personalized actions.

Top Features

65+ filters


Buying Intent & Signals

Save Search & Alerts

AI-generated Auto-score



Google Calendar

Salesforce & Hubspot

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What people say?

The best thing about Apollo is its effectiveness when segmenting databases and function of the sequences is very simple and intuitive to implement.
Julian Malinak
VP of Business Development, Moxe Health
Why not ZoomInfo? For me, it’s clear that it’s much easier to have a tool like Apollo that does both the lead generation and the email and phone automation rather than have it separately.
Nicole Coetzer
Sales Development Leader, Kinsta
The thing that made me excited was the integration between sales data and sales engagement and the magic that you can make happen when those two are together on the same platform.
Collin Stewart
CEO of Predictable Revenue
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