Get AI-powered access to mentions across social media, news, blogs, videos, forums, podcasts, reviews, and more.

About Brand24

Brand24 is a comprehensive social media monitoring and analytics platform designed to help businesses track and analyze online conversations about their brand, products, competitors, and industry. By monitoring social media channels, news websites, blogs, forums, and other online sources in real-time, Brand24 provides valuable insights into brand sentiment, mentions, trends, and influencers, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions and effectively manage their online reputation.

Brand24 provides businesses with a powerful platform for monitoring, analyzing, and managing their online reputation and social media presence. By leveraging real-time insights and actionable data, businesses can enhance their brand perception, engage with their audience effectively, and drive business growth in today’s digital landscape.

Why Brand24

Stay ahead by identifying key events and trends within your brand’s online conversation.

Access practical, GPT-powered recommendations for your brand. Make informed decisions for your brand’s growth.

Find the key mentions and see how they affect the brand conversation.


Identify emerging trends and correlations to capitalize on new opportunities and tackle potential challenges before they impact your brand.

Top Features

Mentions Feed

Discussion Volume Chart

Mention Analytics

Influence Score

Sentiment Analysis


Data Exporting


Keyword Targeting

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What people say?

I've been using Brand24 for the last few years and it is by far the best monitoring tool on the market. I've compared it against others and they don't even come close.
Sujan Patel
Co-founder at Mailshake
Brand24 has been an essential tool for my event organizing part of my business. Gathering data for potential sponsors and showing off the engagement on a particular hashtag for my events creates FOMO and gives me specific data for my audience and encourages participation.
Samantha Kelly
Twitter X and LinkedIn marketing consultant
Sometimes, we wouldn't notice the potential in a given area if it wasn't for Brand24. It's not even about saving time. It's about discovering new opportunities.
Aleksandra Hołownia
Marketing Manager at Dealavo
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