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About Koala.ai

Create high-quality SEO-optimized articles in minutes. KoalaWriter, powered by GPT-4, combines SERP analysis with real-time data to create content that ranks.

KoalaWriter creates articles that rank at an unbeatable value. We have released 60+ improvements and features in the last several months with a ton of amazing features on the way. 

Why Koala.ai

Try Koala for 30 days. Not satisfied? Get a prompt refund.

Fetch up-to-date content from the internet with “Real-Time Search Results” to augment the AI with additional factual data.

Generate complete, ready-to-publish Amazon affiliate articles in minutes. Powered by live Amazon data including real reviews and product data.

Top Features

AI-Powered SEO Analysis

Instant WordPress Publishing

Two-in-one AI Writer and Chatbot

Superior to ChatGPT

SEO-Focused Chatbot

On-Brand Voice

Enhanced Control

Google Sheets Integration

API Access

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What people say?

I didn’t fully embrace AI content until I tried Koala. Koala is the first platform that produced full blog posts from a simple keyword prompt that is good enough to publish on my niche sites. The content output is ridiculously in-depth and structured with heading tags, plenty of spot-on subheadings that make articles almost always publish-ready.
Jon Dykstra
I was able to launch a brand new site and scale it to over 500,000 monthly sessions and over $15,000 in monthly revenue, using Koala’s content and robust AI features, in under a year! Our team has tested other AI writing tools but Koala is the only tool we use in our regular workflow.
Casey Botticello
Blogging Guide
KoalaWriter is by far my favorite AI tool for generating articles for our sites. It generates well-structured, SEO-friendly articles in a single click, tailored to my preferred writing style. I wholeheartedly recommend Koala to anyone looking to enhance their blogging game.
Anne Moss
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