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About Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is a Helsinki-based startup committed to changing the way you think about buyer intent data. If you’re tired of missing out on great leads — or wasting time on leads that don’t convert— we can help.

We believe in putting marketing insights into the hands of salespeople. We’re a B2B intent data platform, that identifies companies that visit your website and tracks onsite activity so you can see which leads are ready to buy.

Why Leadfeeder

Our unique static and dynamic IPs database helps us identify companies visiting your website, even if their employees work remotely. Also, our IP database serves your B2B ads to the right target accounts.

Our proprietary crawler technologies automatically extract contact details from all available online sources like social media profiles, news articles, trade registers, and diverse databases.

We’ve packed our software with unique, efficient, and self-developed high-tech AI features. We use machine learning to analyze all relevant public content, recognize business-relevant events and company names in text, and find all publicly available email addresses on the web.

Dealfront is one of the very few providers that source official commercial registry data, which is publicly available. With this data, our AI can create B2B lookalikes and cluster your customers to reveal similarities and segments.

Top Features

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What people say?

Leadfeeder has helped us identify the companies that have been visiting our site. That, along with the possibility to filter those companies based on their intent is incredibly powerful.
Jennifer McKeon
Sr Business Development Director, JMJ
Leadfeeder is a great product to give you 360 insights on your traffic, ideal for lead generation, audience profiling and sales integration. Oh, and the client servicing is better than any saas company I’ve come across.
Rene Kaliniewicz
Digital Marketing Leader, BGF
We've been able to enrich over 700 companies in Hubspot with Leadfeeder data, many of which were already in our database but we didn't know that they were coming to our site.
Melissa Perry
Senior Marketing Manager, Cooleaf
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