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About Mouseflow

Mouseflow is a behavior analytics platform that empowers changemakers to understand and improve user experience and conversion rates on their websites.

With session recording, heatmaps, and user feedback collection, we enable different departments across organizations to uncover actionable behavior insights, find out the ‘why’ behind the numbers, and drive pivotal decisions to build a better user experience.

The cornerstones of our company are equality, privacy, and the pursuit of excellence. That’s why we offer all of our core features on all plans, including the Free plan, and work closely with our users to provide them with best-in-class behavior analytics. Finally, Mouseflow is designed with privacy in mind, so it is compliant with all data privacy laws such as GDPR, CRPA, LGPD, etc., and only handles anonymized data.

Why Mouseflow

We don’t talk about it. We are about it. We give you the freedom to pursue those big ideas that move the needle.

A team of innovators (and pranksters) with no hierarchy. We are on the lookout for the curious talent –unafraid of pushing boundaries.

Work from one of our offices, an exotic treehouse, or your mom’s basement. We don’t care. As long as you make things happen.

From marketing to product development, we’re hunting for the best in the biz who knows what it takes to level up every touchpoint of digital transformation.

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What people say?

With Mouseflow as the starting point, we were able to identify opportunities of optimization that allowed us to scale our revenue without increasing our advertising budgets thus improving profitability on our marketing efforts and making a better experience for our customers
Kasper Kjærgaard Nielsen
Head of E-commerce | Rains
Mouseflow bridges the gap by offering quantitative and qualitative data, providing higher user numbers and valuable insights into user behavior.
Michaela Urbas
Senior UX Designer, BSH
We recently had an eCommerce client that had an unexpected plummet in sales. Mouseflow was able to pinpoint bugs preventing customers from adding items to their cart. We were able to remedy the issue fast and I’m not sure how we would have found that without Mouseflow.
Malthe Timm
Senior Consultant - Obsidian Digital
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