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About OptiMonk

We’re building the new generation of online marketing tools. We’re making old, clunky personalization software obsolete, and showing the world that efficiency and simplicity can coexist. Our long-term goal is for all website-related optimization to happen within OptiMonk, helping marketers make big gains in productivity.

After working with hundreds of ecommerce brands, Nicole and Csaba (our founders), realized that all these companies shared a single greatest pain point: losing potential buyers. They envisioned a tool that could make everyone a master online seller and help them turn more traffic into sales.

In 2014, OptiMonk came to life in the heart of Europe with a singular goal: to engage website visitors without impairing the user experience.

We started as a simple exit-intent solution and rapidly evolved into a powerful website personalization platform. Today, we’re incredibly proud that 30K+ websites use OptiMonk in more than 150 countries.

Why OptiMonk

Learning never ends, so keep studying, exploring, and discovering. As Aristotle said, “the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know.”

Constantly strive to deliver the best product for our customers with the highest level of service. Make every customer interaction positive and memorable.

Look at every idea, project or initiative with an open mind. Don’t be afraid to try new things, and seek for better solutions.

Never feel that any work is “beneath you” or that you are “too cool” to take on a task. Be humble and modest, let your actions speak for you.

Take a proactive approach to making things better. If you find a mistake, fix it; even if it’s not “your job”.

We don’t tolerate bullies. Be fair to others and give them the same respect you would ask for yourself.

“Work” and “fun” don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Build a happy workplace where we can all be ourselves and work together to accomplish our goals.

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What people say?

Optimonk offers so much to help us achieve and surpass our goals that we are impressed with it. We really are impacted with Csaba teachings and knowledge and of their staff. And we appreciate your business model; if we the client do great and grow, then the move to a paying tear becomes an obious decision and Optimonk sells and grow too...wow, there are some geniuses thinking over there! Thank you, guys!!
Sofia Naturale
United States
I'm new on Shopify and there's definitely been a bit of a learning curve. But this app is one of the best and most fun to use that I've found so far. I just got off of a customer support chat with Chris from their team and he fixed my issue in LITERALLY 2 minutes. These guys are awesome.
Riverstone Express
United States
I've just installed it, so far I'm very impressed with different options it offers beyond a simple pop-up. The set up process is really simple and their customer service is great, very fast and helpful!
LuluOro Jewelry
Saudi Arabia
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