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About Tailwind

Small businesses drive most job creation, innovation and economic growth. Their success or failure also deeply impacts the lives of the entrepreneurs who founded them AS WELL AS their teams, families, and communities. When small businesses win, we all win.

The status quo of marketing technology isn’t working for small businesses. Niche tools crowd the market but don’t work well together. Small business owners lack the time and marketing experience to find solutions that would help them expand from one or two marketing channels to a broad, omni-channel footprint.


Why Tailwind

Tailwind gives you post ideas and real-world examples— guiding you every step of the way — so you don’t stress about content creation.

Tailwind factors in your business type, time available, and more to select the campaigns that will generate the best ROI for you.

Your plan incorporates proven best practices so you can invest your limited time into the most impactful marketing.

Tailwind helps you stay organized with an easy to follow plan— it even sends reminders to help you be consistent with your marketing.

Top Features

Social Media Schedule

AI Enhanced Marketing

Ecommerce Ads

Content Copilot

Design Posts & Stories

Hashtag Finder

Content Ghostwriter

Social Media Analytics


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What people say?

I use it all the time and it's an absolute lifesaver. It saves me countless amount of time to create good images for my ista content. Been using it for years now.
Jessica Madelaine
I love this social media app. They offer great service from actual humans, go figure! While there is the human touch, they have an AI feature called Ghostwriter than you can use when you have a loss for words. I used to use another social media company and love Tailwind.
Leslie Garcia
I've been using Tailwind for a year or so now, and I love it. It allows me to stack my social media posts in Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook all at the same time, and I can schedule them seamlessly. That way, if I get busy, go on holiday, or just get lazy, I still have good content posting on a regular basis. Can't express how much this has helped my small creative business.
John Bishop
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