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Building Smart Internal Links Just Got Easier

About Link Whisper

A Revolutionary Internal Linking Tool to Speed Up the Process of Internal Linking for SEO and Help You Rank Better in Google.

The company was created when the founder, Spencer Haws, realized that he needed a faster and easier way to build effective internal links.

We are powerful WordPress plugin and Shopify App that allows you to manage, analyze, and add internal links that can improve the SEO quality of your website.

After years of doing SEO and manually hunting for good internal link opportunities, Spencer finally decided that there had to be a better way.

Why Link Whisper

Internal links are a standard way to increase rankings in Google. Now you can do it faster.

Finding content, selecting anchor text, and inserting links takes a long time. 

Setup is as simple as installing the plugin and activating it. Links suggestions will then happen automatically.

It really is as easy as reviewing the link suggestions and checking the box next to the ones you want. Click and done.

As you add more content to your site, Link Whisper continuously finds new internal link opportunities… automatically!

Top Features

Automatic Link Suggestions

Build Internal Links

Automatic Links from Keywords

Internal Links Reporting

Fix Broken Links

Add Target Keywords

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What people say?

I’m one of the early adopters of Link Whisper. After using it for a few days, I’ve installed it on all my major blogs. Though I’ve initially installed it as an internal linking plugin, I discovered so many useful features later. It saves a lot of time and energy. I really appreciate the team for this fantastic plugin.
Istiak Rayhan
Link Whisper has helped us improve the experience for our readers looking for related articles on Wealthtender while improving our SEO. This plugin saves me countless hours and I continue to be impressed when new features are rolled out. If you have more than a couple dozen articles on your website, I highly recommend adding Link Whisper to your site right away.
Brian Thorpe
I didn’t think I needed Link Whisper until I installed it and saw how many outdated URLs and poorly optimized internal anchors were live on my site. Link Whisper helps me stay on top of internal linking in an easy and manageable way that previously took hours of work each week. The ranking boosts from internal anchor text optimization was clear and I owe it to Link Whisper!
Jeremy Foster
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