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About Quuu

Quuu laser-focused team stood the test of time and matured with every year that’s past to make Quuu continually relevant and super-useful.

It was over 7-years ago now that Dan and Matt were running an agency and wanted a reliable and quick way to fill their clients’ social media schedulers with interesting, and crucially, relevant content.

Quuu was born shortly after, and it’s been an exciting journey for our team. We’ve not raised huge amounts of capital, we had a few small seed rounds that totalled less than £200k raised.

Quuu are a small team, but a passionate one who prides itself on being able to adapt quickly. Not to mention the fact that we have grown Quuu as a company using mainly Quuu itself in conjunction with Quuu Promote to give our own blog worldwide coverage.

Why Quuu

Quuu is THE hub of high-quality content. You’re here because you know how great sharing curated content will be for your social channels. But there’s one problem: you haven’t got the time to find great content to share each and every day…

After banking 6 years of hand-reviewed data, we’ve used modern machine-learning to create an A.I. curation genius. We’ve taught Robin everything we know. Now it’s even better than us. Go figure.

Robin will send relevant blog posts, videos, podcasts, and more to you every day. We can post for you on auto-pilot, or you can take full control. Either way, get ready to discover a world of awesome content.

Quuu works on the same principles as a URL shortener. The difference is that Quuu doesn’t just shorten links, it also allows you to overlay your own content (via a custom CTA) on the destination site.

Now you can send your followers to third party content without dis-engaging them.

Each custom short link you share with Quuu is another opportunity to hook your audience and boost your conversions.

And unlike other tools, Quuu finds and curates content for you to share automating the entire process.

With Quuu’s link management tools at your fingertips, you’ll have all the insights you need to optimize your link marketing campaigns. Quuu’s dashboard monitors how visitors interact with all the custom links you share.

Track your conversion rates, link clicks, which CTA’s perform the best and more inside the Quuu dashboard.

Don’t just make short URLs and forget about them, track how they perform. Quuu’s Analytics track a number of crucial link metrics including link clicks and time spent on page, as well as interactions with your custom call-to-action, enabling better content curation decisions based on what really keeps your audience engaged!

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What people say?

Quuu has helped me grow multiple startups without a marketing team. I've used it since the beginning and love everything the team is doing.
Seth Louey
2017 & 2016 Maker of the Year Nominee
I could not recommend this tool more highly. Amazing product and the support team is ridiculously helpful. VERY worth the investment!
Ryan Robinson
Blogger, Podcaster, Marketer
Never had an article curated by Quuu which was not relevant or not worth sharing. Didn't face any issues until now and I believe wont face any issues in the future as well. Great team, always active and always up to date!
Sunil Neurgaonkar
Marketing @ GTM Buddy
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